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Northern Europe and the Jutland peninsula in the east sea, Chelan, rolran pin is configured as such is the kingdom adjacent islands. Achieved in the 10th century, the first unified dynasty in 1849 the country became a constitutional monarchy.




The official name of the Kingdom of Denmark [Kingdom of Denmark (0), Kongeriget Danmark (DEN)], and Danish, an danmareukeu (Danmark) is called. North Sea (北海) and separating the Baltic Sea located to the south and bordered by Germany to the north to Scarborough Lacroix Strait to the east along the Strait of catheter Ghat Scandinavia Norway, Sweden, and faces the. Overseas territory of the Faroe Islands and Greenland have to. 1949 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the 1973 European Economic Community (EEC, now EU), but the euro join (Euro) are not adopted. 5 weeks of the administrative district (region) and 98 municipalities (municipality) is composed.

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