Seoul of South Korea

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Seoul of South Korea


The capital of South Korea. HA also was the Joseon Dynasty. River downstream of the fertile land is located in the locus of culture is recognized at an early age, of southern Han amsadong Neolithic dwellings discovered ruins libc jeulmun pattern pottery and stoneware were unearthed and many others. Baekje A.D. Leave in the first century Goguryeo wiryeseong su '63 (475) to accept the invasion until the capital moved to Guangzhou yeoteuna deserted castle of Baekje position is unclear. However, the southeastern suburbs of the city pungnapdong 4km south of Saturn and its all Jamsil Baekje tombs in the region would be early. Jinhung Silla (reigned 540-576), 16 weeks a year jeonghago Hansan also at the top of Mt sunsubi (Gyeongbokgung) was established.


After unification, Silla gyeongdeokwang (reigned 742-765), when the army kept Hanyang namhansan was constructed in the acid. Personality may be considered as an early, but the political, economic, and emphasis on the land as a first point of Yangzhou, Nanjing, called after a call 15 Sukjong (reigned from 1095 to 1105) was planned in his later years was around nectarines leave after the palace sat in Seoul chinghayeotda.


Lee Seong-gye (King Taejo, reigned 1392-98), the reigning three years, the HA Brac nectarines in personality chinghago yeoreul 118,000 population mobilized to build the castle and the gates of the shrine several former palace (殿) and construction began. 2 Sake (reigned 1398-1400), the laying of the palace and three Tai (reigned 1400-18), the enhancement of the shrine and said non-sponsor. 9 Seongjong (reigned 1469-94) in the reconstructed earthen stone castle, and also made changgyeongwon. Seen, however, essential oil, I (1592, 1597), etc. by the loss of almost all of these construction and after the Gwanghaegun (reigned 1608-23), when the rebuilt. In 1946, Seoul Metropolitan Government has been called the. 'Seoul' The word "three guksagi" of "sinrabongi" shown on the name at the Sorabol, seobeol (country, city, of the mean) and is donguira. East and north during the current restoration of the castle and also most of the Joseon Dynasty supyogyo (jangchungdan it to the park), jeoncheongyo (Seongdong-gu), wongaksa 10 cheungseoktap (Pagoda Park earlier), and has been preserved. The National Museum in Seoul, South Korea, including the National Folk Museum and the nearby National Museum of Contemporary Art in Gwacheon, as well as each university-affiliated museum, painting, ceramics specialist Gansong Museum of Art, folk art museum and Emile is primarily related institutions.


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