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Eastern European countries in the Far East is over. Shall have their origins in the 12th century, the Principality of Moscow, the Russian Revolution of 1917 and ended in empire until this has happened in 1924 has grown to the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic. 1990 end of the Cold War, Gorbachev's policies of each republic to wake up nationalist disputes December 31, 1991 as the Soviet Union, became an independent country.



The official name of the Russian Federation (Russian Federation) is The Arctic Ocean to the north, east and fronts in the Pacific. South Korea, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, in the west Etc. are touching. Geological structures in the territory of the vast variety of almost all kinds of resources, but its wide variety of land and racial integration of the country is difficult. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union tried to switch to market economy since 1999, economic recovery is the result. Area of the 46 weeks (oblast), 21 개 Republic (republic), 4 개 autonomous ohkeuruk (autonomous okrug), 9 개 cradle.Now (kray), 2 federal city (gorod; Moscow, St. Petersburg), a Autonomous Region (autonomous oblast '; yebeu Ray) is composed of.


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