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Northern Europe, Scandinavia is a country occupying part of the Western Hemisphere. From the late 14th century in Denmark in 1814 were under the influence of the stream since the reign of Sweden in 1905 was to declare independence unilaterally.




The official name of the Kingdom of Norway (Kingdom of Norway, the Norwegian Kongeriket Norge (Bokmal), Kongeriket Noreg (Nynorsk)) is In the inland boundary of the watershed of the peninsula, Sweden and Finland, Russia and the border, and the North Sea, Norwegian coast, blowing to the Arctic Ocean and Scarborough fronts in the Strait of Lacroix. Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean, in addition to your home country yanmayenseom, Infants, and is Bouvet Island in the South Atlantic. 70% of the country appealed (湖沼) consists of mountains and glaciers, rock, 70% of the population live in the city rush. In 1945 the United Nations, 1949 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), 1959, the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) has joined. Each year in Norway, the National Assembly elected five inwiwonhoe is given to the Nobel Peace Prize. Area of the 19 weeks (fylke) is composed.


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