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The European constitutional monarchy is a country that faces the North Sea. España in 1516 and the early 18th century the territory of Austria, since 1789 the French domination of the stream was merged in the Netherlands after the Battle of Waterloo. August 1830 by an independent in 1839 as a permanently neutral state was guaranteed at a meeting in London.



The official name of the Kingdom of Belgium (Kingdom of Belgium), and in English Belgian (Belgium), in French beljikeu (Belgique), Dutch an belhieo (Belgie), in German belgien (Belgien) is called. Northern and eastern Germany, the Netherlands and the south, Luxembourg, France, and bordered to the west north-west of the North Sea (北海) fronts on. From the terrain north of the Netherlands, political, and deepen relationships with these two countries jeojiguk (The Low Countries) is sometimes called. One of the smallest countries in Europe, the Netherlands and in Europe with the most dense population zones are formed. 1948 The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Benelux together (Benelux) ones, all formed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) · European Union (EU) has joined. Area of the 10 weeks (province / provincie), 3 aperture (region / gewesten) is composed.

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