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Central Europe, the Baltic Sea (海) facing the country, has been established in the 10th century the country was hit in the 16th century heyday. Prussia, Russia and Austria in 1795 divided by the three countries after independence in 1918, but in World War II in western Germany, the Soviet Union split into eastern and occupation, was freed in 1945.



The official name of the Republic of Poland (Republic of Poland, Rzeczpospolita Polska (Paul)) is Northeast of the Russian Federation, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, east, south Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and the west border tangent, Lithuania, the Baltic Sea to the north fronts. Civil length 649km, 689km east-west length of the land makes up almost a square. For the 1980s, Walesa led Solidarity democracy movement steadily focused on the deployment was first elected in 1990 after the war Walesa became president. Joined the European Union in 2004. Area of the 16 weeks (wojewodztwo) are made of.


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