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After World War II, Jews in Palestine, the Arab countries, each of the individual to construct in accordance with UN resolution 1948 the southeastern coast of the Mediterranean and the Arabian peninsula to the northwest, a country of Israel was founded on. The original BC, the Jewish people for thousands of years by the construction and unification and division of the kingdom was still a Roman province century BC 1 (属 州) after the destruction brought on to live a long time were scattered all over the world.



The official name is State of Israel. Lebanon in the north, east, Syria, Egypt borders the countries of SW. Palestinians in the Arab world, surrounded by fat that exists is the world's only Jewish republic, parliamentary democracy is a country in the Middle East, the only one. The country hebeurayieo (语) as 'God says ruling' means, the "Old Testament" "Genesis 32:28> appearing on the second son of Isaac, Jacob's name is taken from. Area of the 6 weeks (mehoz) are made of.


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