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In Northern Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Sweden has been conquered by the Crusaders in 1155 as part of Sweden merged, and in 1809 became the Grand Duchy of Russia jachiryeongin. After the Russian Revolution of 1917 had declared its independence in 1918, the first independent republic, conducted by the unified country has achieved.



The official name of Republic of Finland (Republic of Finland), and an suohmen tasabalta Finnish (Suomen Tasavalta), or suohmi (Suomi: Lake of the country) is called. Sweden west, east Russia, north Norway, Estonia and south borders south pinrandeuman (湾) based in the Baltic Sea between the Gulf Coast Boats myeonhamyeo west fronts. Positional power in Sweden and the Soviet Union two pinched historically been walking on the path of suffering, chinseogujeok have a strong public sentiment. Area of the 20 weeks (maakunta) are made of.



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