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Asian continent to the east of Hokkaido [北海道], Honshu [本州], Shikoku [四 国], Kyushu [九州] 4 one large island in the northeast southwest direction, leading to the center of the Japanese archipelago is an island nation won. Unified country were built early 4th century, Tokugawa Ieyasu, in 1615 the country was unified




In Japanese "Nihon" or "Nippon" is called. The official name at nitponkoku [日本国] north of Hokkaido, northern Soya [宗 谷] Nemuro Strait and the northeast side of [根 室] Straits of Russia's Sakhalin and Kuril islands along the southern tip of the island and treat Series're in the south Nansei [南西 ] Islands of Taiwan [台湾], lead to water. Sea in the west (东海) and leave the Strait between Siberia of Russia (沿海 州: Primorskij Kraj) and Korea to treat, in the middle of the Strait sseusimaseom [对 马岛] distance is 50km from Pusan​​. Ogasawara Islands in the east [小 笠原 诸岛] and Pacific fronts and scattered. Area 43 counties,

a gaeteukbyeoldo (都), 1 dog (道), 2 canines (府) is a.


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