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Baltic Sea in northeastern Europe (海) is a country on the east coast of. Since 1721 Russian rule began to receive its independence from the Russian Empire in 1918 and then again in 1940 the Soviet Republic of Latvia to the Soviet Union and achieved full independence in 1991.


The official name the Republic of Latvia (Republic of Latvia) is Estonia in the north, south, Lithuania, Russian Federation and bordered to the east, southeast and forms the border with Belarus. Three Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) is one of the three countries in terms of location, population, area of the medium. Russia, the Baltic countries to piggyback on the Baltic Sea east toward the rear of geographic location, which is a good harbor, which developed in Latvia rigaman (湾) are holding three Baltic countries are in a central location. The area is currently in Russia in 1945, except for halyangdoen patalropo local area is the same as in 1940. Area of the 26 weeks (rajons) and the seven borough (municipalities) is composed.


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