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As a country in Central Europe, do another five centuries after the fall of the Empire of the division of land and then Austria March 17, 1861 the territory was then dominated the Northeast and the Pope of Rome united Kingdom of Italy, except in 1870 and the establishment of full unity has been made.



The official name of Republic of Italy (Italian Republic) is The central Mediterranean Sea, about 1200km from the northwest to southeast across the peninsula and boots shaped island of Sicily, Sardinia is composed of two. Northern boundary of the Alps, France, Switzerland, Austria and the tangent, the Adriatic Sea to the east (海), west tireniahhaee sanction. Italian Peninsula in Southern Europe with the Balkans, the Iberian Peninsula as one of three copper (东) and the Mediterranean (西) Mediterranean Sea located between the two because the natural and cultural aspects of the peninsula formed at the same time, unlike a pure European Mediterranean-type featuring the best shows.

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