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Middle East (Western Asia) fronting on the east coast of the Mediterranean is the Arab countries. Incorporated in 1922 as the French mandate in Syria two command and then separated from Syria in 1926 gained autonomy from France, were fully independent in January 1944.




The official name of Republic of Lebanon (Lebanese Republic) is The northern and eastern Syria, Israel and the tangent to the south west is the Mediterranean touches. According to the 1958 amendments to the Constitution the President syamunui routes triggered by pro-government forces and rebels of a long civil war (1975-1990) became unstable as a correction. In addition, since 1970 over 30 years of continued Palestinian and Muslim guerrillas and Israel devastated the entire country due to armed struggle, which suffered heavy damage. The Palestinian militant group Hezbollah in southern Lebanon Israeli soldiers abducted two men in retaliation for what the Israeli army in Lebanon in July 2006 by the bombing of major cities has not resolved the situation unstable. UN Resolution 1701, passed in August 2006 Joe urged Hezbollah to disarm. Area of the eight weeks (mohafazah) is composed.


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