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Northern Scandinavia is a country located on the east side of a constitutional monarchy. AD10-century since the first unified kingdom established 126 years since 1397 in Denmark, Norway, with Kalmar (Kalmar) Union formed, there was a tug of war heads to a constitutional monarchy since 1849 began.




The official name of the Kingdom of Sweden [Kingdom of Sweden (0), Konungariket Sverige (off)] is Scandinavia in the west to the backbone of the Scandinavian mountain range that corresponds to the border with Norway and the Northeast, which flows only Campania jjokeuroneun boat toreune (Torne) in Finland and are new to the river boundary.



Your boat east Gulf (湾) and the Baltic Sea (海) Beyond Finland and Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and faced to the south, the catheter Ghat (Kattegat) and the Öresund strait (Øresund) strait between Denmark and faces the left. Based on stable and high economic and cultural level of life is high, and is a model of the world has a social security system. Area of the 21 weeks (lan) is composed.

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