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Located in the northern Atlantic Ocean, just south of the Arctic island of Ireland as the eighth century priest (神父) conveys the first time have discovered. Since 1262, Norway, Denmark, from 1380 to the stream is dominance of a limited autonomy in 1874 after obtaining full independence was achieved in 1944.



The official name the Republic of Iceland (Republic of Iceland) is Egg-shaped volcanic island of Greenland, Norway, Scotland, Ireland and the Faroe denmakeuryeongin two (Faroe) Islands are in between. Greenland in the west until the nearest 278km, south of Scotland until the 708km, 970km off the east of Norway is far. The world's first parliamentary system, the per capita world's leading publishing activities boasts such a high cultural level. 865 years the country was a Viking professional key named by the ice, it is said that only the invisible. Eight weeks of the administrative district (region) is as.


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