United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

As an island nation in the northwest of Continental Europe, geureyiteubeuriteunseom (England, Scotland and Wales) and Northern North ahilraendeuseom (北) consists of Irish. When the Irish Free State is established in 1922 in Northern Ireland by the British as part of the current United Kingdom was left.




The official name of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), and is also known as the UK, United Kingdom. North Atlantic and North Sea, located between, and France is located in the northwest. Land of the island of Great Britain and Ireland 6.1 Northern Ireland, and that takes up a few speed distributed around the group (属 岛 群) involves command and abroad. Maenseomgwa Channel Islands as the royal possessions of the British government's defense and foreign affairs are competent.

The four regional administrative districts (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales) is composed of two differently. England's nine regions (Region) are separated by, and again six metropolitan counties (metropolitan county), 27 counties (two-tire county), Greater London (Greater London) is composed of. Scotland is 32 weeks (council area), Wales 22 local authorities (unitary authorities) consists of Ireland, the 26-week (District) is to:


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