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Iberian Peninsula in the western European country AD The kingdom was established in 1143 in Portugal. Maritime empire in the 15th and 16th centuries, to establish our status as the world's largest land owned by Napoleon's invasion, but the mid-18th century, Brazil was the decline of national power since independence. Republic was established in 1910.


The official name the Republic of Portugal (Portuguese Republic) is In addition to the mainland of the Iberian Atlantic, the Azores and Madeira Islands are a territory. 1974 to 1975 in Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Cape Verde in Africa, Sao Tome and Principe, Angola and independence one after another, in 1976 East (东) was merged into East Timor in Indonesia, Macau returned to China in 1999 and the total area 2,090,000 ㎢ was told to have been greatly reduced in the heyday of the overseas Territories. Mediterranean, Northwest Europe, Africa and America nejiyeokeul connecting node of maritime traffic (结 节点) located in the "geographic discovery 'Espana, with a big role in the era, but today was reduced to the underdeveloped countries of Europe. Country an important role in the formation of the country town Porto (Oporto) was derived from. Area of the 18 weeks (distrito), 2 Autonomous Region (regiao autonoma) is as.



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