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Europe is a country located in south-west end of the Iberian Peninsula. Many kinglet Islamic countries governed by the beginning of the eighth century Islam suffer from the actual recovery (失地 回复) movement which seeks to recover land by 1492 unification was successful.



The official name of Estado Espanol (Estado Espanol), and Spain are the English people. The continent of Europe west of the Iberian Peninsula is located in the end. West Portugal, France, bounded on the north to the south of the Strait of Gibraltar between Morocco and faced to leave east Africa, the Mediterranean, north of Biscay (湾), fronts in the northwest Atlantic. Land accounts for most of the Iberian Peninsula, Balearic Islands (诸岛), are scattered in the Canary Islands. Eseupanyaryeong in northern Morocco (領) of Ceuta, Melilla and the Moroccan coast, away from the three small islands chaparinaseu (Chafarinas), penondealwoosemaseu (Penon de Alhucemas), penondebelreseudelragomera (Penon de Velez de la Gomera) have. Area of the 17 weeks (comunidad autonoma), 2 overseas municipality (ciudad autonoma) of Ceuta, Melilla is composed.


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