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Landlocked country in Central Europe in World War II and gained independence from Germany. Czech Republic and Slovakia is basically a combination of Czechoslovakia and the Czechoslovak Federal Republic in 1990 to fix the country on Jan. 1, 1993 the Czech Republic and Slovakia peacefully separated from each other, the two independent republics today, amounting to.



The official name of the Czech Republic (The Czech Republic) is North Germany, Poland, West Germany, Austria south, east and borders the countries of Slovakia. Top of the Czechoslovak communist countries of Eastern Europe living and high culture was maintained industrialized countries. Czech and Slovakia is the ethnic and linguistic and cultural heterogeneity, in order to bridge the economic gap and the Slovak Republic in 1990 and the federation configuration hayeotdaga peaceful separation, the Czech Republic became independent. Area of the 13 weeks (kraj), 1 개 dong (hlavni mesto) are made of.



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