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Eastern Europe, Poland and Russia is a country located in the middle of the zone. Poland, Russia, Germany, and Belarus in December 1922 through the reign of Soviet Socialist Republics (Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic) been updated to institute a non-socialist countries that comprise the federal one, but with the breakup of the Soviet Union became independent in 1991. However, in 1999 to strengthen ties with Russia, a treaty was signed.



The official name the Republic of Belarus (Republic of Belarus) to the 'Belorussia' is also known as the notation. Country of the 'White Russia' refers to the past, was called baekreosiahragodo. Latvia to the north, northeast Russia, Ukraine, south west Poland, Lithuania and confronted. Near the border with Poland, the largest in Europe honhapwonsirimin Nature's European bison inhabit the land, and land north of appeals made ​​by the glaciation (湖沼) and moraine (堆石) There is a lot. Like country people with white skin and gray eyes and white on white, fond hugs your favorite white paint the walls of houses. Area of the 6 weeks (voblasts') and a borough (horad: Minsk) is composed.



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