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Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation as a country on the border with Ukraine in 1917 were from the Soviet republic. December 1922 the former Soviet republic became a founding member of the Commonwealth, in 1991 to institute a non-updated according to the dissolution of the Socialist Federation became an independent country.




Located in western Russia on the Black Sea coast, west Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, southwest Romania, Moldova, Belarus to the north, northeast and east side bordering on the Russian Federation, the Black Sea and south ahjopeuhae (海) on the fronts. S most populous and in Eastern Europe, excluding Russia, the largest territory in the whole of Europe is a country. Cultural traditions and the former Soviet Union countries that made up the old 15 with a population of Africa in terms of economic importance to Russia, then was occupied. Area of the 24 weeks (oblast), 1 autonomous republic 개, two Autonomous Region (misto) are made of.


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